The current version of the layout: [v 3.1] dated 01.02.23 (version history under the description)

Description, Package Contents, Installation, Updates


As the name implies, the layout is drawn especially for those who ride a lot. From the survey, it became clear that all my previous topics have small flaws. Either the table frame is light, then the elements are inconvenient for the eyes, then something else ... Based on the completed questionnaires, several conclusions were drawn. I think this topic will satisfy even the most picky player!

The mod has already received positive reviews for the pokerstars room!)))

ATTENTION! Screenshots add grain. In fact, everything is smooth and pleasing to the eye.

What has been changed:

  1. Removed colored notifications and labels under "PODs" (call, raise, blinds, etc.)

  2. Reduced the minimal look of the table.

  3. Increased the size of the simplified table (this increases pods, buttons, shirts, removes stacks of chips, increases action buttons).

  4. Changed the position of the players to increase the space for the stats. On max 6, two players to the left and right of HERO are moved down, on max 9 all players, as well as their bets and button, are moved.

  5. Changed the display of shirts (enlarged and straightened) in Hold'em and Omaha on all table sizes.

  6. "POD" has changed the active player from blue to another.

  7. The notes are so far, when and if it becomes possible to make a frame or fill, I will change it.

  8. I made it possible to set a bolder font (I still don't know how to influence the size and color). You can use 888Caption, it does it for free. On the screenshots, the font with its use. There is also a screen with the new font for the new graphics.

Layout is packaged in the installer and installed as a normal program and is not suitable for the "Build" function on the site.

For all questions, write to Skype: koronkov_michael So we will quickly resolve any issue. Corresponding in the comments is inconvenient, long and ineffective.

If you need a layout for the old engine, write to me on Skype, I will throw it off.

Layout cost: If you divide the layout cost by 365 days (a year), it turns out that the investment in a comfortable game is only $ 0.06 per day! If more than a year, then even less!

The price is ridiculous. Give yourself a layout!

---Package Contents (What's Included):---

Cards: Two decks with different denominations played for Hold'em and Omaha games.

Cardback: 6 options.

Colors: As it turned out from a survey of players, the most preferred color for all is gray. He formed the basis of the whole theme.

Pods: One option with no frills. Comfortable and non-irritating to eyes. It turned out to be very pleasant!

Chips: Two options. 1 variant with one green chip. Option 2 - added features from the Flat theme.

Tables: The table is in one version, but everyone who conducted the test said it was very successful. The table cloth has 3 colors.

Chat: Chat has been reduced. It is possible to set a layout without chat.

Backgrounds: Three comfortable backgrounds specially selected for long ice rinks.

Fonts: There is an option to install an enlarged font for easy play on small tables.

Button: 6 kinds of button. Colors are matched to each card back.

Notes: Four kinds. Two solid fill options with brighter and less brilliant backgrounds. The two frames are also of different brightness. Everyone will be able to choose a suitable option for themselves. Changed the icon after adding a note to the player.

Slider and Action Buttons: Traditionally in four colors. Can be combined. Only the betting slider itself remains unchanged, since it is not made as a picture, but is set by the color in the room.

Statistics: There are many places. You can place almost any stat footcloth.

Sounds: It is possible to deliver sounds as in FTP.

Everything in the screenshots is included in the kit!

---Installation nuances:---

By default, the layout is installed here C:\Users\*User*\AppData\Roaming\PacificPoker

Where User is the name of your PC.

If after installing the layout in the poker room there are no changes, it is possible that the folder with the room graphics is located in a different place.

---Update history:---

Last update:

01.02.23 Version 3.1

Optional update. Installer reconstruction:

1. It is convenient to make a choice or exclude something from the installation

2. Minimized the possibility of making a mistake

3. Added the function of remembering the selected components and the installation path (handy when reinstalling)

4. Changed the design of the installer

Update history (in descending order):

10.21.22 Version 3.0 Adaptation for "Mystery Bounty" tournaments.

12.10.21 Version 2.9 Adaptation for the update p-1-en-4-8.13-0-13 Oct 4 2021 113945

08.27.21 Version 2.8 One more update was released on 888. The discarded cards are now discarded as before. Adapted the layout.

08.26.21 Version 2.7 The mod has been updated for the last update of the room. The discarded cards are not removed from the table, either on the default layout.

03.31.21 Version 2.6. Fixed 10 in the form of T on deck number 1.

08.01.20 Version 2.5 Layout adapted for version p-1-en-4-7.29-1-1 dated July 20.

04.25.20 Version 2.4

  1. Added the ability to set a bolder font (I still don't know how to influence the size and color).

  2. Added the ability to remove logos from the table in tournaments.

04.23.20 Version 2.3 Fixed a bug with 10 worms in one of the decks.

04.22.20 Version 2.2 Straightened and enlarged the shirts at the default table sizes in Hold'em and Omaha.

04.16.20 Version 2.1 Layout updated for the updated graphics of the poker room.

10.12.18 Upd for version p-1-en-4-7.10-0-56 Updated under Progressive KO

07.29.18 Upd for version p-1-en-4-7.8-3-6

05.13.18 Layout updated for Big Fish tournaments.

10.30.17 The layout has been updated for the p-1-en-4-7.4-0-37 version of the room

09.10.17 Upd Added games Flopomania

06.05.17 Tables with green and blue cloth have been added to the mod. A couple of places on 9m tables are slightly lowered down.

05.16.17 Cosmetic update. (I replaced the eye button in snap games, changed the progress bar, added dark backgrounds of the tables, which disappeared after my last update. Changed the location of bets 6mah).

04.23.17 Updated to version PokerVer: p-1-en-4-7.2-30-39

Changed the top menu, made a large font by default. Slider changed.

11.10.16 Mod has been updated.

10.15.16 Fixed timebank.

09.22.16 Added notes in the form of frames. Moved below bet and button 2 and 4 players. The timebank strip has been made lighter. Fixed minor bugs. I returned the default cards. Added support for Blast games.


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