The current version of the layout: [v 1.4] dated 04.26.23 (version history under the description)

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This layout will save you from excessive variegation and awkward graphics of the poker room. That will allow you to play longer without experiencing fatigue and eye strain!

iPokerTools is required to play with this layout!

For your convenience, all files are packaged in an installer and installed as a regular program (not suitable for the "Build" function on the site).

You will be able to play all kinds of poker room games with this design.

For all questions, write to Skype: koronkov_michael So we will quickly resolve any issue. Corresponding in the comments is inconvenient, long and ineffective.

Layout cost: If you divide the layout cost by 365 days (a year), it turns out that the investment in a comfortable game is only $ 0.06 per day! If more than a year, then even less!

The price is ridiculous. Give yourself a layout!

---Package Contents (What's Included):---

Cards: Cool HM Classic deck in two types - with one index for the whole card (suitable for games of hold'em) or with two (suitable for playing Omaha). Traditionally, the spade suit is in yellow or gray and 10 in the form of 10 or T. Only one of the eight options offered in the installer is installed.

Card backs: 6 options. Completely identical to the original HM Classic for PokerStars. You can select the desired сardbacks in the iPokerTools program (see screenshots for how to do this).

Pods (player place): One option. An analogue of the original source with clearer graphics. There are options for graphics version 21.x.x.x and earlier.

Notes: Two options. Love the fill frame, no problem. There is also just a frame.

Free seat at the table: 2 options. If it is important for you to immediately see an empty place, then choose a noticeable - light gray, if not important, then an inconspicuous - translucent.

Action buttons: 4 color options to choose from (black, green, blue and red). The buttons above the slider match the color of the action buttons.

Chips: 2 types. Colored and identical (all chips of the same gray color).

Button: 2 types. As in the original version of HM Classic for Pokerstars.

Backgrounds and table: 5 basic background options and 4 tablecloth color options. All this gives a combination of 20 options. You can select the desired option at the time of installation (see screenshot with background numbers)

Everything in the screenshots is included in the kit!

---Installation nuances:---

Run the installer. If you do not want to install any of the files, just uncheck them. Set the layout. After that, launch the iPoker Tools program and change the backgrounds or the back of the cards to others if the default ones do not suit you.

How to do this is in the screenshots.

Card backs are located in the \Layout\Cards\ folder and are numbered 100_1 to 100_6

Backgrounds with tables are in the \Layout\ folder and have numbers from 0_1 to 0_20


Note: If there is a pre-installed checkbox in the installer when choosing, this means you can either uncheck it and not install the element at all. Or choose another option, but uncheck the first one. You can't install more than one!


The layout is installed in the iPoker Tools program folder by default:

C:\Poker\iPoker Tools\Layout

If your location of the program folder is different, just copy the path to it and paste it into the installer.

---Update history:---

Last update:

01.04.23 Version 1.2

Added an option with more visible free space at the table.

Update history:

01.02.23 Version 1.1

Fixed notes with fill (there was not enough green color)

Installer reconstruction:

1. It is convenient to make a choice or exclude something from the installation

2. Minimized the possibility of making a mistake

3. Added the function of remembering the selected components and the installation path (handy when reinstalling)

4. Changed the design of the installer


aseluta a month ago Reply

Здравствуйте! Опять что то с румом, не устанавливается цвет сукна, опять только их лей аут, проверьте пожалуйста.

TRMK a month ago replied to aseluta Reply

Привет. У меня версия программы iPokerTools "210". И стол не заменяется. Возможно вышла обнова у покеррума. И с такими вопросами лучше писать разработчику этой программы, а не мне. Так будет быстрее и эффективнее! А если вопрос по лейауту и мне, то лучше писать в скайп, а не здесь.)

aseluta 2 months ago Reply

Здравствуйте! Обновите пожалуйста лейаут, покеррум обновился.

TRMK 2 months ago replied to aseluta Reply

Вчера обновил.

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Updated 26 Apr 2023 Version 1.4
Added an option to set the default poker room background colors and pattern.
Added an option to use poker room carpet color for the table. But the rim on the table carpet is missing!
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