The current version of the layout: [v 3.1] от 07.17.24 (version history under the description)

Description, Package Contents, Installation, Updates


BLISS! I experienced such emotions when I started playing this layout!

It is very comfortable to play on this topic, this is both my opinion and feedback from the players. Layout is a constructor. You can modify it by choosing from a variety of suggested options.

The theme supports all kinds of games in the room. Looks the same on all tables. Spin & Go MAX has an unchangeable background and shirt. In Spin & Go games, you can remove the changing background color depending on the multiplier upon installation. After updating to version (Build: 56936) the Spin & Go tables have changed (Spin & Go - Flush and Max did not change). A screenshot of this is in the gallery.

After the January 2023 update, Spin & Go, Tempest and 6+ holdem tables can only display a gray table.

Layout is packaged in the installer and installed as a normal program and is not suitable for the "Build" function on the site.

For all questions, write to Skype: koronkov_michael So we will quickly resolve any issue. Corresponding in the comments is inconvenient, long and ineffective.

If you need a layout for the old engine, write to me on Skype, I will throw it off.

Layout cost: If you divide the layout cost by 365 days (a year), it turns out that the investment in a comfortable game is only $ 0.06 per day! If more than a year, then even less!

The price is ridiculous. Give yourself a layout!

---Package Contents (What's Included):---

Cards: It's just a song. I will not write anything, you can see everything on the screenshots). Increased the visibility of cards for hold'em with a full-map index without the help of auxiliary programs like StarsCaption. Spades suit in yellow and gray and 10 in the form of 10 or T.

The deck has three display options (all 3 are installed at once):

  1. With one index for the whole card for Hold'em games;

  2. With one index on the map for more than half of it (to be better seen above the pods);

  3. With lateral index. Commonly used for playing games like Omaha, Stud, etc.

Colors: The eye is just resting. The range is chosen extremely well. Himself in shock. =)

Tables: 4 table options to choose from. Round (3D) and flat (2D) both in gray and green. The green table can only be obtained by enabling the "Black" theme.

Pods: They have 2 types with rectangular and round avatars.

Notes: 3 variations of notes.

Action buttons: 4 color options to choose from.

Chat: Choose from two chat options. The difference is in the background, one has a dark background, the other has a light one.

Background color in Spin & Go games: You can choose during installation, leave the color change depending on the multiplier. Or remove this feature.

Knockout animation: Can be removed during installation.

Button: 2 kinds. Light and dark.

Chips: 3 types. Light and dark, made in one color for all denominations + from the Flat theme with color correction.

Everything in the screenshots is included in the kit!

---Installation nuances:---

After installing the mod, launch PokerStars via PokerStars.exe (C:\Program Files\PokerStars\PokerStars.exe) or right-click on the PokerStars shortcut on the desktop and select properties, and in the Object section, remove Update in the line "C:\Program Files\PokerStars\PokerStarsUpdate.exe"


If your installation folder is different from the default Pokerstars folder, for example,, Pokerstars.ES, etc., or it is on your other drive, then make sure that there is no extra Pokerstars in the path to the folder (if you change the path manually, the installer writes it automatically, you must delete it!).

That's wrong C:Program Files (x86)\\Pokerstars

That's right C:Program Files (x86)\


In some tournaments like "sunday million, "scoop ", etc. the poker room may display special graphics. To avoid this you need to delete or rename the "casual" folder in these places:

For aurora:

(folder with installed poker room)\Gx\casual

(folder with installed poker room)\Themes\cocos\mecury\casual

For old graphics:

(folder with installed poker room)\casual

---Update history:---

01.24.23 Version 2.3

Adapted to the version (Build: 56936).
- If there is no forced update, then you do not need to update specifically!
- In the theme "Mercury" added the ability to select the color of the edging of the table (perverts ...). Therefore, now the green color of the table is not supported by this theme. Only grey. To get the green color you need to switch to the "Black" theme. Added explanatory screenshots.
- In games like Spin & Go, Tempest and 6+ holdem, only the gray table can be displayed.

01.02.23 Version 2.2

Fixed as much as possible over the chat with a dark background.
+ Installer reconstruction:
1. It is convenient to make a choice or exclude something from the installation
2. Minimized the possibility of making a mistake
3. Added the function of remembering the selected components and the installation path (handy when reinstalling)
4. Changed the design of the installer

12.25.22 Version 2.1

Adaptation for the latest update. Added option to set dark chat if the "info" button does not work (this may be on the com version)

08.19.22 Version 2.0

Replaced the icons of the number of games played and removed the flying coins in the prizes. Adapted backgrounds and tweaked the top panel. I recommend choosing the very first color in the palette (gray). And any of the 8 textures.

03.02.22 Version 1.9 Update under (Build: 47886) adapted cards.

09.26.21 Version 1.8

For Spin & Go, Spin & Go Flash and Spin & Go MAX games, you can now set a permanent background with the prize pool displayed.

09.24.21 Layout under the Aurora. 1.7

Now, if you select a changeable or non-changeable background in Spin & Go games during installation, this will also apply to Spin & Go Flash games. In Spin & Go Flash games, the prize pool will be visible when you select a changeable background.

04.08.21 Layout under the Aurora. 1.6

Update under (Build: 39806) adapted maps for the smallest tables.

03.30.21 Big update of the layout for Aurora. Comfortable (Aurora) 1.5

1. The theme has been redesigned. Now the layout looks the same on all games, except for Spin & GoMAX games (unchangeable background and shirt);

2. The basis is now one - "Mercury" with rectangular avatars (the ability to install pods with round avatars remains);

3. Added an option to prohibit changing the background color depending on the multiplier in Spin & Go games;

4. Hold'em cards are raised higher above the hearth without the need for auxiliary software !;

5. Added the ability to set a chat with a light or dark background;

6. You can remove the animation of knockouts in tournaments;

7. Tables in all games will be the same as you choose during installation;

8. Added more shirts with three different types of frames.

01.21.21 Layout under the Aurora. Fixed a bug with a timebank under the players pod.

01.06.21 Added a link to the old version of the layout under (Build: 36102).

11.13.20 Update: Added one more deck of cards for those who play with StarsCaption

11.03.20 Update:

1. Replaced the quick deposit button

2. Added maps for Spin & Go MAX games

3. Cosmetic changes

10.29.20 Layout updated for the Aurora engine. + Replaced light chat with dark one. Don't forget to see the split setup and screenshots.

08.02.20 Layout updated for version (Build: 33857)

06.19.20 Layout updated for version (Build: 33263)

05.16.20 Layout updated for version (Build: 32770)

03.08.20 Layout updated for version (Build: 31545)

Up to this point, there have been 51 layout updates. I will not transfer from the old site, it will take up a lot of space.


poker_live_91 a year ago Reply

После нового обновления пс , виснет после установки темы

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Свежий лейаут в помощь.)

stepa-111 a year ago replied to TRMK Reply

у меня тоже самое виснет при открытии стола, версию 2.6 ставил вроде последнюю, есть новее?

TRMK a year ago replied to stepa-111 Reply

Вместе с версией лейаута пишется версия покеррума под кооторую она адаптировалась. Скорее всего увас не обновлен рум. Либо вышло более позднее обновление рума. Но у меня его еще не было.

fishkaua 2 years ago Reply

спасибо маэстро за труд и (обновку) к НГ

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добрый день, архив пустой

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админ работает оперативно и качественно ,спасибо за предоставленную помощь

fishkaua 2 years ago Reply

добрый день ,написал в скайпе ,будьте так добры ,добавьте данный лейаут в мой кабинет в связи с новым форматом сайта он где то затерялся.Спасибо

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Здравствуйте, напишите на почту поддержки, укажите логин или почту, который был на старом сайте.

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11 дней назад написал на почту ,а так же автору данного лейаута ,отправил снова письмо .Спасибо за помощь

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От вас не было сообщений в скайпе. А я практически всегда на связи! Кроме ночи конечно)

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добрый вечер маэстро ,снова написал в скайп T56X Pokerlayout ;)

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Так это не мой скайп!))) Поэтому я и не отвечаю.

fishkaua 2 years ago replied to TRMK Reply

куда мне написать,я пишу туда где мне после покупки активировали данный лейаут и на вашем сайте в графе поддержка есть только два адреса скайп t56x_pokerlayout и так куда мне писать ?))

TRMK 2 years ago replied to fishkaua Reply

Вам админ написал, что делать. Эти вопросы решает только он. Мой скайп есть в описании.

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ну установил, только вот в выборе тем такой темы, карт нет

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Нужно больше информации и скриншоты того, ка сейчас. Пиши в скайп. Тут мы будем долго это решать... Написал же везде, что все вопросы в скайпе.

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