The current version of the layout: PS HM Classic (Aurora) 2.6 dated 08.19.22 (version history under the description)

Description, Package Contents, Installation, Updates


The theme supports all kinds of games in the room. Looks the same on all tables with one exception. In Spin & Go MAX, you won't be able to change the background and change the cardback. In Spin & Go games, you can remove the changing background color depending on the multiplier upon installation.

Supports themes: Mercury and Carbon Lite! Suitable for weak computers.

Layout is packaged in the installer and installed as a normal program and is not suitable for the "Build" function on the site.

For all questions, write to Skype: koronkov_michael So we will quickly resolve any issue. Corresponding in the comments is inconvenient, long and ineffective.

If you need a layout for the old engine, write to me on Skype, I will throw it off.

Layout cost: If you divide the layout cost by 365 days (a year), it turns out that the investment in a comfortable game is only $ 0.06 per day! If more than a year, then even less!

The price is ridiculous. Give yourself a layout!

---Package Contents (What's Included):---

Cards: Hold'em cards are visible almost entirely above the pod without the help of StarsCaption. The cards are raised to the optimal size. If you raise it even higher, then the player's bet in the center below will be superimposed on the cards.

The deck has two display options (both are installed at once):

  1. With one index on the card for hold'em games.

  2. With two indexes on the map for Omaha and Stud games.

Each has a choice of spades in yellow and gray and 10 as a 10 or T.

Card backs: 2 types. Completely identical to the original.

Table: One. Exact copy. Has better graphics.

Chat: Choose from two chat options. With a dark and light background.

Knockout animation: Can be removed during installation.

Pods: Analogue of the original source with clearer graphics.

Notes: 2 versions of notes. Just a frame and a frame with a background fill. There is only one option in the Carbon Lite theme, the background cannot be filled! (see screenshots)

Action buttons: 4 color options to choose from. Three from the original. Plus added green to them. In the Carbon Lite theme, the default buttons are unchanged.

Chips: 2 types. Colored and the same (gray).

Button: 2 kinds. As in the original version.

Backgrounds: Collected from what was provided to me from the old graphics.

Background color in Spin & Go games: You can choose during installation, leave the color change depending on the multiplier. Or remove this feature.

The Carbon Lite theme only works with a changing background based on a multiplier. If you enable the option when installing "no color change", the theme will switch to Mercury. The Mercury theme is included in Spin & Go Flash and Spin & Go MAX games.

Everything in the screenshots is included in the kit!

---Installation nuances:---

After installing the mod, launch PokerStars via PokerStars.exe (C:\Program Files\PokerStars\PokerStars.exe) or right-click on the PokerStars shortcut on the desktop and select properties, and in the Object section, remove Update in the line "C:\Program Files\PokerStars\PokerStarsUpdate.exe"


If your installation folder is different from the default Pokerstars folder, for example,, Pokerstars.ES, etc., or it is on your other drive, then make sure that there is no extra Pokerstars in the path to the folder.

That's wrong C:Program Files (x86)PokerStars.comPokerstars

That's right C:Program Files (x86)


In some tournaments like "sunday million, "scoop ", etc. the poker room may display special graphics. To avoid this you need to delete or rename the "casual" folder in these places:

For aurora:

(folder with installed poker room)\Gx\casual

(folder with installed poker room)\Themes\cocos\mecury\casual

For old graphics:

(folder with installed poker room)\casual

---Update history:---

Last update:

08.19.22 Version 2.6

Replaced the icons of the number of games played and removed the flying coins in the prizes. Adapted backgrounds and tweaked the top panel. To get old colors, I recommend choosing the very first color in the palette (gray). And any of the 8 textures. In the Carbon Lite theme, backgrounds are displayed in color only.

Update history:

03.02.22 Version 2.5 Update under (Build: 47886) adapted cards.

10.05.21 Version 2.4 (one change, did not change the version)

Fixed the input field in the slider on the carbon light theme.

09.28.21 Version 2.4

Added support for Carbon Lite theme. How it looks can be seen in the screenshots. + added information in the description.

09.26.21 Version 2.3

For Spin & Go, Spin & Go Flash and Spin & Go MAX games, you can now set a constant background with the prize fund displaying.

09.24.21 Layout under the Aurora. 2.2

Now, if you select a changeable or non-changeable background in Spin & Go games during installation, this will also apply to Spin & Go Flash games. In Spin & Go Flash games, the prize pool will be visible when you select a changeable background.

04.08.21 Layout under the Aurora. 2.1

Update under (Build: 39806) adapted maps for the smallest tables.


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