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T56X 6 months ago Reply


fl 6 months ago replied to T56X Reply

rabotaet, spasibo!

fl 6 months ago Reply

replayer tozhe otkritj nelzja

fl 6 months ago Reply

posle instalirovki kart, nelzja otkritj "table themes" gde menajutsja karti/tema itd, bolwaja problema s etim

Major cards

Cards • Poker Stars • Ten like 10 • Ten like T • Black spades • Yellow spades
Installation guide

Windows (7, 10, 11) Unpack the downloaded archive to the PokerStars root folder.
Default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars (or PokerStars.ES, PokerStars.RUSO)
After installing the mod, launch PokerStars via PokerStars.exe (C:\Program Files\PokerStars\PokerStars.exe) or right-click on the PokerStars shortcut on the desktop and select properties, and in the Object section, remove Update in the line "C:\Program Files\PokerStars\PokerStarsUpdate.exe"
macOS Not supported Linux Not supported

Published 3 Jun 2022 Version 1.0